Saamtrek 2016 - Cancelled

Re: Saamtrek 2016 - Cancelled

Postby Shaun Cullen » 16 Jun 2016, 14:45

a yearly event which is always at the same venue and around the same dates.
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Re: Saamtrek 2016 - Cancelled

Postby Owen Heller » 16 Jun 2016, 15:51

I like the annual and always same spot plan. When and where?.

the phone thing
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Re: Saamtrek 2016 - Cancelled

Postby Roland Bergh » 16 Jun 2016, 17:58

Adolf Hüster wrote: yearly event which is always at the same venue and around the same dates.

Personally, I think this approach will be worse than attempting to get the whole country's members together at different venues every two years. Perhaps the biannual date could be fixed to something like the "first weekend of October" or similar? The venue must however be different each time to give members in different regions at least the chance to occassionally attend a Saamtrek.

I would prefer that the Saamtrek requires/forces (most) members having to undertake a (overlanding) trip to a "wow"-location. Both Moolmanshoek and De Hoop gave me that opportunity. There might even be challenges (with prizes) introduced for most-interesting/ingenious roadtrips on the way to Saamtrek :idea: .

Further comment: travelling with our vehicles is mostly done solo, group of family/friends, or organised by an individual club member (eg Lesotho - Peter Zietsman). In all instances these are limited groups, typically 6 - 8 vehicles and hardly exceeding 10. Bringing a 100 vehicles together annually from all corners of the country to a caravan-type venue might not fit in with our overall overlanding philosopies/needs.
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Re: Saamtrek 2016 - Cancelled

Postby Marius Krijt » 17 Jun 2016, 18:10

Catering for everyone's needs is an impossible task. Some own land Cruiser as a moms taxi, some for overlanding some for towing caravans and boats. There are many more reasons why we all own these magnificent vehicles.

Having different types of gatherings will bring favor to different groups. The trick is probably getting the event going that has the biggest common denominator amongst the different Cruiser uses.

Thanks to all the concerns mentioned. Keep the suggestion coming so that we can come up with a workable solution around this.

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Re: Saamtrek 2016 - Cancelled

Postby Michael Evans » 06 Jul 2016, 20:50

Pitty it's canceled as it is the first one I would have attended.

However the effort to create more regional events etc would be appreciated.

I also think economy is tightening belts for many especially long trips with our economical vehicles.

Thus regional events allowing members to get together closer to home might have more attraction in the short and near future.

Friends need to be made, there are so many new members I have not met due to a low volume of close to home get togethers.
Guilty of not arranging any I have been without a cruiser for awhile .

Perhaps we should attempt regional social commitees to get things together.

Then those commitees can also help with bi annual saamtrek events.
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