How to Join the Land Cruiser Club of Southern Africa

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How to Join the Land Cruiser Club of Southern Africa

Postby Tim Inman » 12 May 2015, 21:37

What is the LCCSA?

The LCCSA is a strong community of people from all over Southern Africa (and the rest of the world) who are brought together by a common love for Land Cruisers and related interests.

For some the Club is a purely online pursuit, and for others it is the in-person experience that is valued.

Why Join?

By joining the Club, you:
  • receive full access to the forum, gallery and any future web services
  • may register your VHF radios with the Club and make use of our ICASA licensed frequency
  • are invited to and may attend Club arranged events nationally and in the regions
  • help keep this great community well run, administered and up-to-date

How to Join?

Are you due to renew your membership? Not sure what to do? Please email to get the step by step procedure to use the new Payfast renewal payment system.
Follow these steps as the system is now automated and manual EFT payments are no longer accepted. Any deposits done the old way will now be considered donations to Desert Lion.
Thanks for reading this!

  1. Please take note that user username is your first name and surname [pseudonyms are not allowed]. If your entry is not accepted, please add in your middle initial – i.e. John Smith – not available, use John W Smith. In most cases this will be accepted.
  2. If you are an old member returning, please use the old account to re-connect.
  3. Please do not try to re-join with different names and email addresses when you can’t logon to the old account or cannot remember it, it just makes the admin work so much harder.

    If you have any issues in the above, please just send an email to with your full name and email address and description of the problem so we can assist you in getting you online as soon as possible.

    NB. Please ensure that your profile information is fully updated and your email address is correct. To check or update, go to your User Control Panel before attempting to pay for your membership.

    The profile information is used for:
    Membership Payments
    Membership cards / stickers
    VHF / ICASA admin

    1. Click "Club Membership" in the second row of the menu above (below "Board index")
    2. In the "Membership Payment" section, select your membership class (most of us will be "Standard Membership")
    3. Click "Pay Now" and you will be handed over to PayFast to process your payment
    4. You will need to register with PayFast if you have not registered before. NB. Your email address must be correct.
    5. If they payment was successful, you will be returned to the "Club Membership" page and a message will appear top, centre in red indicating that which membership class has been activated
    6. Your membership payment history and membership details will both reflect the payment
    7. Take note of the renewal date - and perhaps make a calendar entry to remind yourself


Email should you have any queries.
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