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04 Dec 2015, 09:24

I have just made payment for the next year and realised the value of this membership again.

Thank you for making it so simple and Thank you for this great Forum and everyone that contribute to make it as great as it is.

I might not be the biggest contributor but enjoy every minute I log onto the forum.

I hope everyone has a fantastic and enjoyable holiday (if you are lucky to go)

Blessed Christmas to all and all the best for 2016!!

Re: Membership

04 Dec 2015, 09:29

I also wish every member a relaxing festive season and please come back in one piece.
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Re: Membership

04 Dec 2015, 09:40

Now I'm a 2016 member! :cheers:

Thanks to the admin team!! Waardeer! :salut:

Re: Membership

04 Dec 2015, 09:55

Great post Dries. Safe travels to everyone and have a blessed festive season!

Re: Membership

04 Dec 2015, 10:01

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Re: Membership

05 Dec 2015, 07:02

I to have renewed for another year. It's a pleasure and privilege to part of this group.

Re: Membership

05 Dec 2015, 10:54

Thanks for the wonderful words Dries, it certainly encompasses what the club stands for and represents. Very well put. Have a fantastic holiday season guys.

Re: Membership

10 Dec 2015, 17:12


Re: Membership

11 Dec 2015, 08:22

It is so good to experience a positive vibe on this forum. All the best to all for 2016!

Re: Membership

14 Dec 2015, 12:35

Hi everyone

I'm realy struggling to renew my membership. I do follow all the steps and then at the password it all goes bad. Is there another way of payment.
Please assist. I don't want to loose my account.


Re: Membership

14 Dec 2015, 14:03

Hi Jakes

You will not lose your account. Please email the details to tim@landcruiserclub.co.za

Re: Membership

15 Dec 2015, 06:28

Thanks Warwick. Will do so.

Re: Membership

15 Dec 2015, 06:50

Done and paid for 2016, can't not be a part of this club.....Well done guy's !!!

Re: Membership

15 Dec 2015, 16:44

Great job guys. I also love logging on to the forum and reading the posts. Be safe this festive season.

Re: Membership

16 Dec 2015, 11:52

I've been away for a while and just realised how much I missed....Good to be back! :D
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